O3 PURE Eco Laundry Wash - Small Check Valve

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Small Clear Check Valve (color may vary) for the O3 PURE Ozone Eco Laundry Washer System.

This Part is compatible with the following models:

O3 PURE G1 Eco Laundry Wash System

O3 PURE G2 Eco Laundry Wash System - For Hard Water

O3 PURE G3 Eco Laundry Wash System - Digital

Note: Our units now come equipted with a quad check valve system to ensure there is no leaking from the venturi system. The valve is one way. You can blow through the valve to see that it is being installed in the proper direction.

The recommended check valve setup is as follows:

One clear/blue (color may vary) small check valve between PCO and Oxidizer.

One clear/blue (color may vary) small check valve and one gray check valve between Oxidizer and Venturi Check Valve. Clear/Blue check valve first.

Venturi Check Valve (preinstalled)

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