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  • Our Mission

Located in Northeast Ohio, O3 Pure is a Division of Pure Energy LLC. We have been an industry leader in residential air and water purification for nearly 20 years. As a company, we focus on those truly innovative and exciting products that reflect our belief that everyone deserves a beautiful home and a comfortable lifestyle. Our products are in a constant state of innovation, blending both functionality and  results driven performance.

  • Why Choose Us

O3 Pure is both the manufacturer and end point distributor for the products we sell. That means we follow the product from design and conception through to your purchase. Quality Control, Warranty Support and Replacement Parts are all offered by O3 Pure to support our products both before and after your order.

  • Secure Shopping

We are also committed to your privacy. Pure Energy LLC does not sell, trade or rent your information to others. We will not disclose any information that identifies you to a third party.  So rest assured that your personal information is really kept personal.

Pure Energy LLC
O3 PURE Division
8100 A Main Street
Garrettsville, OH
You can visit our company website at www.pureenergystore.com

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