Collection: Ozone Generators - Air Purifiers

Discover O3 PURE's range of ozone generators and air purifiers designed for every space. From closets and fridges to whole homes and cars, our products tackle odors and purify air efficiently. Ideal for personal and professional spaces, ensuring clean and fresh environments everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ozone generator do?

An ozone generator, a key tool in air purification, produces ozone (O3) — a powerful oxidant that effectively eliminates odors, destroys bacteria, and neutralizes viruses in both air and on surfaces. By producing ozone, these devices enhance indoor air quality, providing a safer, cleaner environment in homes and vehicles. Ozone generators tackle a wide range of air quality issues, from removing stubborn odors to reducing airborne pollutants, ensuring a fresh, clean living space.

How do ozone generators work?

Ozone generators operate by converting oxygen (O2) in the air into ozone (O3), using electrical charges through processes like corona discharge or ultraviolet light. This produced ozone acts as a potent oxidizer, reacting with contaminants, odors, and microorganisms in the air or on surfaces, effectively neutralizing them. After performing its purifying role, ozone safely turns back into oxygen, leaving the air in your home or car purified and refreshed. This eco-friendly purification method is highly effective, offering a natural solution to improve indoor air quality.

What types of applications are O3 PURE's ozone generators and air purifiers suitable for?

O3 PURE's ozone generators and air purifiers are versatile, designed for numerous applications to enhance air quality and provide sanitation across various settings. We have:

  • An ozone generator for closets which effectively removes clothing and shoe odors, keeping your storage spaces fresh and free from musty smells.
  • An ozone generator for fridges which eliminates food odors, prevents cross-contamination, and extends the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other perishables.
  • Ozone generators for whole home which purifies air throughout your living spaces, removing pollutants, allergens, and odors from pets, cooking, and smoke efficiently.
  • Also an ozone generator for cars which acts as an air purifier for cars. It’s an excellent choice for clearing stubborn smells from smoke, pets, and food spills, ensuring a pleasant driving and riding experience.
  • An air purifier for offices which helps maintain a clean, inviting atmosphere for employees and customers alike by neutralizing odors and air pollutants.