Food Spoilage

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Cost and Cause of Fruit and Vegetable Spoilage in the Refrigerator

The Cost

According to a University of Arizona study, on average, each year American household throws away 14 percent of their food purchases due to spoilage. The report goes on to estimate that an average family of four currently tosses out $590 worth of food per year. Nationwide, household food waste alone adds up to $43 billion dollars.

An article on Next Generation Food has other interesting statistics including:

  •   In the US, food waste has increased 50 percent since 1974
  •   40 percent of all food produced in the US is thrown out
  •   Food is the third largest waste stream after paper and yard waste

The Cause

If you notice that your produce always seems to spoil, you may be storing incompatible fruits and vegetables together. While you can’t smell or taste it, several fruits and vegetables emit ethylene, a naturally occurring gas that speeds the ripening process. Fruits that release the highest amounts of ethylene include apples, apricots, cantaloupe, peaches, pears, tomatoes, figs and honeydew melon. When these fruits are stored next to other fruits and vegetables that are ethylene sensitive, spoilage will occur. Ethylene sensitive vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, lettuce etc. Each variety of fruit or vegetable has its own life span which determines how long you can store each product. Factors which influence how quickly produce spoils include the produce’s life span, sensitivity to ethylene damage along with the original condition the produce was purchased in.

Extending Food Life

Generally fruits give off more ethylene than vegetables, while vegetables are more sensitive to the effects of ethylene. When storing produce in your refrigerator, it is important to separate the fruits that release the highest amounts of ethylene from ethylene sensitive fruits and vegetables. Keeping your refrigerator in proper working order is critical for food longevity. The ideal interior temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that if interior temperatures are too cold, this may cause fruits and vegetables to freeze. To avoid premature spoilage of fruits and vegetables, always maintain a healthy crisper by removing any rotten food from the refrigerator as soon as possible.

“The Ideal Solution”

O3 PURE Fridge PurifierRemoving ethylene gas is the vital ingredient to keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. The O3 PURE Fridge Purifier and Deodorizer utilizes cutting edge technology. It is equipped with a built in micro CPU which intelligently releases ozone concentrations that are designed for American fridge capacity. The ozone destroys ammonia and ethylene gases produced by ripening or decaying produce. When using the O3 Pure Fridge Deodorizer you can expect an additional life expectancy of 5 days for your strawberries, 10 days for lettuce, 14 days for peppers and 21 plus days for your oranges. The O3 PURE Fridge Deodorizer will typically pay for itself within 3 months from date of purchase.





We also now offer our new O3 PURE Rechargeable Fridge Purifier. It requires no maintenance or replaceable filters and comes complete and ready to use with 110v Charger. The built in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle & rest modes and is also engineered for high humidity and cold temperatures inside of refrigerators.

O3 PURE Rechargeable Fridge Deodorizer

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