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ClosetPURE Air Purifier and Clothes Freshener

ClosetPURE Air Purifier and Clothes Freshener

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The Closet PURE
Manufactured by O3 PURE an Industry Leader natural air & water purification and filtration systems.

Functional both at home and while traveling, the ClosetPURE utilizes ionic technology to generate both anions and ozone (O3). Your compact ClosetPURE Ozonizer is great for deodorizing  storage containers, boxes, gym bags, cabinets, small refrigerators, wardrobes and of course closets. Features: Neutralizes stale, musty and foul odors in refrigerators, bathrooms, cars and closets. Extends shelf life of produce in refrigerators by combating and neutralizing ethylene gas. Built -in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle. Performs up to 90 days on 3 AAA Standard Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries. No costly filters to replace.


Model O3P-TW3 Rated Voltage DC4.5V 3 AAA Batteries
Power Consumption <0.5W
Size 3.5" x 3.5" x .1"
Net Weight 4 oz
Anion Output 3 million/cm Ozone Output <4.0 ppm
Power 3 AAA Batteries (not included)

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