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ClosetPURE Portable Air Purifier & Closet Deodorizer

ClosetPURE Portable Air Purifier & Closet Deodorizer

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The ClosetPURE redefines freshness, employing ionic technology to emit anions and ozone, making it your go-to portable ozone generator. Ideal for closets, gym bags, small refrigerators, and more, it's the ultimate solution for eliminating stale odors anywhere. This compact device extends the life of your produce by neutralizing ethylene gas in refrigerators and operates up to 90 days on AAA batteries, with no need for filter replacements. Experience a new level of convenience in odor elimination and air purification, perfect for both home and travel.

Features: Neutralizes stale, musty and foul odors in refrigerators, bathrooms, cars and closets. Extends shelf life of produce in refrigerators by combating and neutralizing ethylene gas. Built -in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle. No costly filters to replace.


  • Model O3P-TW3
  • Rated Voltage DC4.5V
  • Power Consumption <0.5W
  • Size 3.5" x 3.5" x .1"
  • Net Weight 4 oz
  • Anion Output 3 million/cm Ozone Output <4.0 ppm
  • Powered by 3 AAA Batteries (not included)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best closet deodorizer?

The ClosetPURE is renowned as the best closet deodorizer, utilizing ozone and ionic technology for effective air purification and odor elimination in closets and small spaces.

How does a portable air purifier benefit small spaces?

Portable air purifiers like the ClosetPURE are essential for small spaces, offering odor removal and air purification in closets, gym bags, and vehicles, enhancing air quality on the go.

Can the ClosetPURE help in extending the shelf life of produce?

Yes, the ClosetPURE air purifier helps extend the shelf life of produce by neutralizing ethylene gas in refrigerators, creating a fresher environment for fruits and vegetables.

Is the ClosetPURE easy to maintain?

With no costly filters to replace and efficient battery operation, the ClosetPURE offers easy maintenance, ensuring continuous freshness without hassle.

How does the ClosetPURE utilize ozone technology?

The ClosetPURE employs ozone generator technology to effectively neutralize and eliminate odors, making it a powerful solution for purifying and deodorizing air in personal and travel settings.

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Daria R.
Flimsy hanger

The hanging piece of plastic does not fit the hole very well. Therefore, it falls off when trying to hang the purifier. I think I’ll have to use the stick-em tape that was enclosed although I’d prefer not to.