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Color Safe Farmers Bleach Soap with Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Carbonate

Color Safe Farmers Bleach Soap with Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Carbonate

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Introducing O3 PURE Color Safe Farmers Bleach: Your Eco-Friendly Natural Detergent.

Unleash the revolutionary cleaning power of O3 PURE Color Safe Farmers Bleach, an exemplary bleach alternative designed for the environmentally conscious consumer. Manufactured in the U.S.A., this natural detergent integrates Sodium Percarbonate—a fusion of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide—known for its superb oxygenating properties equivalent to 27.5% H2O2. This versatile Multi Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide is crafted to ensure sustainability, decomposing into harmless water, oxygen, and soda ash after use.

  • No fillers or additives.
  • Does not weaken strength of fabrics.
  • Helps soften water.
  • Helps remove natural fatty soils.
  • Color Safe and Fabric Safe and brightens colors.

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Product Details

Product Description

Exceptional Features and Benefits:

  • Peroxide Soap for Versatile Cleaning: Infused with natural sodium percarbonate, our product acts as a peroxide soap, delivering a potent clean without harsh chemicals.
  • Farmers Bleach for Heavy-Duty Use: This robust cleaner effectively addresses organic stains and soils without compromising fabric integrity.
  • Oxygen Bleach Cleaner for Stain Removal: Experience the natural stain-fighting power of oxygen, which tackles challenging stains such as wine, coffee, tea, and even perspiration marks.
  • Safe and Sustainable: As a premium bleach alternative, it offers a safe choice for your family and the environment, avoiding the use of chlorine and artificial fillers.

Why O3 PURE Stands Out?

O3 PURE Color Safe Farmers Bleach not only brightens colors and protects fabric strength but also enhances detergent performance, reducing the need for additional chemical builders. Its high bulk density and available oxygen content make it a powerhouse in your laundry routine, capable of softening water and boosting the removal of natural fatty soils. Furthermore, it's designed to work efficiently across a broad range of water temperatures, ensuring effective cleaning action in all washing conditions.

Environmental Impact and User Safety:

Our natural detergent is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly, breaking down into non-toxic components that are safe for both septic systems and aquatic life. It ensures that you achieve pristine cleaning results without leaving a negative footprint on the environment.

Application and Usage:

Included with each package is a 1 oz scoop for precise measurement. It promises a safer, more sustainable approach to tackling dirt and stains, making it a must-have in your cleaning arsenal.

Embrace the power of nature and science with O3 PURE Color Safe Farmers Bleach, where each granule works tirelessly to deliver unmatched cleanliness and sustainability.


  • Septic system safe.
  • Made In the U.S.A
  • Scientific Name: Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate
  • Formula: 2Na2CO3 3H2O2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sodium Percarbonate?

Sodium Percarbonate is a compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It acts as a powerful cleaning agent, providing both alkalinity and bleaching capabilities, which are effective and environmentally friendly.

Is this product safe for all types of fabrics?

Yes, O3 PURE Farmers Bleach and natural detergent is safe for both colored and white fabrics. It does not weaken fabric strength and is effective at removing stains without damaging fibers.

Can this product be used in all water temperatures?

Absolutely! Our bleach performs excellently across a broad range of water temperatures, ensuring effective stain removal and fabric care whether you are using cold, warm, or hot water.

How does this bleach impact the environment?

O3 PURE Farmers Bleach is environmentally friendly, breaking down into natural substances like oxygen, water, and soda ash in your wash water, minimizing environmental impact.

What makes O3 PURE Farmers Bleach different from other bleaches?

Unlike traditional bleaches, O3 PURE contains no fillers or additives and utilizes the natural power of oxygen for cleaning. This makes it a safer and more sustainable choice for household and commercial use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Annyce Maddox
Absolutely Must Have!!!

I have been using this for a while now and I put a half a scoop in every single load. It has worked amazing on stains on whites and colors. This is definitely a must have. Thank you so much for shipping it so quickly as well! Amazing Customer Service!!!

William Giordano
Farmers Bleach

Seemless process. Excellent product.

Lynette Clark
Great product

Kills mold on decks with no effort

Scott O.
Great Product Great customer service

Dear Customers, I could not be happier with my purchase or the attention to detail and service I got, this is a great company!