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O3 PURE AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier

O3 PURE AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier

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Product Details

Product Description

If breathing easy indoors matters to you, turning to a trusty Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier could make all the difference. Whether you're in the kitchen, relaxing in your bedroom, or grinding away in your office, this device fits right in. 

The O3 PURE AAP 50 Fresh Air Room Deodorizer is a high-performance, compact air purifier that delivers outstanding results despite its small size. Perfect for tackling odors in smaller spaces up to 150 sq. ft., it effectively neutralizes smells from mold, mildew, and other sources. Featuring an adjustable ozone output, it allows for tailored deodorizing levels, ensuring efficient purification even on low settings. The unit is portable, quiet, and chemical-free, making it ideal for homes and RVs. Its low maintenance and energy-efficient design make it an excellent choice for refreshing your environment.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Portable: Fits easily in any small space and is travel-ready.
  • Adjustable Ozone Output: Customize the intensity to suit your space and needs.
  • Quiet Operation: Works silently to purify and deodorize your environment. 
  • Chemical-Free: Safely cleans the air without producing harmful chemicals.
  • Versatile Odor Elimination: Effectively removes odors from pets, smoke, and more, leaving the air fresh.



  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 4" H x 3.5" W x 2" D
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Power Consumption: < 7.2 W
  • Purify Feature:  Adjustable Ozone Freshener
  • Coverage Area: 100 to 300 SF
  • No filter replacements are needed
  • Easily Vacuumed
  • Soft Illuminated Blue Display
  • Controls: Side Dial

Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces are best for a plug-in air purifier? 

Plug-in air purifiers are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, offices, or individual rooms in a house.

How does a plug-in air purifier work? 

Imagine a gadget that sucks in air, filters out the bad stuff like pollutants and allergens, along with any funky smells, then sends clean air right back into your space.

What are the maintenance requirements for a plug-in air purifier? 

Maintenance typically includes regular filter changes and occasional cleaning of the exterior and vents to ensure efficient operation.

Can a plug-in air purifier help with allergies? 

Think of these purifiers as your personal allergy fighters; they sweep away irritants such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites from your breathing space.

Are plug-in air purifiers energy efficient? 

Most models are designed to be energy efficient, consuming minimal electricity, comparable to a small household appliance.

Can a plug-in purifier eliminate smoke and pet odors? 

Yes, they are quite effective at removing smoke, cooking odors, and pet smells from indoor air.

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90 Day Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Kathy Hensley
Great product!

So easy and works great! No "set up" required, just plug it in and turn it on!
From the first moment you can smell the scent that it's working. I have dogs and teenage boys, and this product has worked great so far!
I got 2, one in one bedroom (that 1 boy and his favorite dog live in) and one in the living room.
For the price and the size, they really pack a punch!

I also have the laundry system and it works wonderfully, too!

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our favorite Plug In Adjustable Home Air Purifier. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the product and that it has made a positive impact on the air quality in your home. We designed it to be easy to use and effective, and we are glad that it has met your expectations.

We understand that living with dogs and teenage boys can be a challenge, but we are happy to hear that our product has helped in keeping the air fresh and clean. It's great to know that you have also tried and loved our laundry system.

Thank you for your support and for choosing our product. We hope it continues to serve you well.

Best regards,
Customer Service Team

Diane Pradetto

Great product.

Thank you for your positive review of our O3 PURE AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier. We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying our product. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. We truly appreciate your support. Best, Bryan at O3 PURE.

Mark Grant
Thunderstorms right in my house

I love the way it makes my whole house and patio smell! It sure does get rid of all the stinks that my cats can make in the litter boxes and other places that we have to clean from time to time! We rescue and have 22 cats right now, and these OZone fresheners make a world of difference

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our O3 PURE AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier. We are delighted to hear that it has helped eliminate any unpleasant odors caused by your furry friends. We understand the challenges of having multiple cats and are glad that our product has made a positive impact in your household. Thank you for choosing O3 PURE and for giving us the opportunity to improve the air quality in your home.


Works well for a plug in. I also have a larger unit for a large workshop that cost me $495. Yours is used in our bedroom & it does the job

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our O3 PURE AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Air Purifier. We are glad to hear that it is working well for you in your bedroom. Our goal is to provide affordable and effective air purification solutions for our customers.
If you ever need any assistance or have any questions about our product, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help.
Thank you for choosing O3 PURE. Have a great day!

Lynnea Littell

I have use the pure plug-in ozonator for many years. They're great except I wish they would last longer.